Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eat Yourself Skinny- Healthy Chicken Spaghetti

A lot of you have asked exactly what I eat so once I week I decided I'm going to share a recent, healthy meal I've made!

I came across a healthy chicken spaghetti recipe on Pinterest & made it for dinner a few nights ago and it was amaaziing!

Yes, I really did just Instagram a pic of my food haha!

Ingredients You Need:
2 skinless chicken breasts (I bought organic)
1/2  tsp each of dried oregano & basil
salt & pepper to taste (I didn't use any salt)
8 oz spagetti- make sure you get either high in fiber or low carb kind.  I bought Ronzoni Smart Taste brand
2 cups of grape tomatoes- I was able to get these from my garden at home!
6 garlic cloves- they need to be smashed & finely chopped
4 tsp extra virgin olive oil
4 TBSP chopped basil- I got some from my neighbors garden!
cooking spray

Season the chicken with salt, pepper, dried oregano and basil.
Heat a large skillet- when it's hot spray with the cooking spray and add the chicken.
I cooked it for about 5 minutes until it was no longer pink.
Remove the chicken & set aside.

Bring a pot of water to boil.
Once boiling, add spaghetti noodles & cook according to the directions on the package. When done, drain the pasta but save 1/2 Cup of the water you boiled the spaghetti in.

(while the pasta is boiling): add olive oil to a skillet on high heat.  Add the garlic & saute- it should be a golden brown but make sure you don't burn it.  Add the tomatoes and salt and pepper for taste and reduce the heat to medium- saute everything for about 5 min.

Once pasta is done, add the saute garlic & tomatoes to the pasta. Toss it and then add the chicken and some fresh basil!  If the pasta is too try you can add some of the water you set aside!  I added a little grated parmesan cheese on top for taste.

The whole meal was easy and super quick to cook and it tasted so good. There was also enough leftovers to eat the next day at work! Take that to everyone who has ever said you couldn't eat pasta & lose weight!

Hope you try & enjoy this recipe!

I've been 'pinning' low fat dinners, desserts, drinks, and appetizers so feel free to 'follow' me on Pinterest for more recipes: My Pinterest.  & feel free leave your email if you don't have an account yet but want an invite to Pinterest.  I can't wait to try and share all the great recipes I've came across!



  1. Im making this...thank you! It looks delicious! :D

  2. What a great blog! Super cute! Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. OMGosh that looks so good i'm making it tomorrow!!!

  5. Replies
    1. So happy to hear that! It's now one of my favorite things to make! & it's husband approved so even better!