Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Smart (phone) Weight Loss

Some of you may read this post and not find it useful at all because you already knew about it or are using what I'm talking about but hopefully it helps some out there!

I just got an iPhone for the first time in April and I.Love.It!  I recently discovered a ton of apps to help aid in weight loss & have a personal favorite one I wanted to share!

It's called Lose It! (the icon is an orange scale) and it's the most useful app I have. And it's free!

In a nutshell, the app calculates the calories you eat per day, the exercise you do per day and helps track your weight loss.

You start Lose It! With your information of what you weigh now and your goal weight- it calculates a Daily Calorie Budget for you based on your information:

You then can enter the food you eat every day for every meal.  I love Lose It! Because it has stores, name brands, recipes, restaurants, etc already programed that you can find your exact meal in to get an exact calorie count or you can add your own recipe for an estimated calorie count: 

You can add every meal, snack, or drink you consume throughout the day to keep track of your calorie count.  Notice on the top bar as well how it keeps track of your calorie budget, calories consumed and calories lost from exercise: 

Lose It! also tracks the exercise/activities you do.  You can select from the exercises they have listed (which there is a ton of activities listed like bowling, carpentry, darts, martial arts, etc) and customize the length and intensity of the work out or activity or you can create your own if you don't see it listed for an estimated account of how many calories burned.

You can also enter your weight each week or month and Lose It! will track your progress! I love seeing how that line has gone down and how it's over halfway to my goal weight!

I've said before I'm a huge fan of diet journals and Lose It! is a convenient diet journal I'll always have with me.  Keeping track of what I eat helps me really pay attention to what I'm putting into my body, how much of it and when.  It's really helped me stop that random, unnecessary snacking on junk food because I'm so much more aware of what and how much I'm eating.

However, I'm not too big on calorie counting- it's just not *that* necessary for me.  I really try to use common sense: obviously eating the cup of yogurt and fruit for breakfast is better than that triple bacon and egg sandwich.  No matter how many calories each has but it's nice Lose It! tracks everything for me so I don't have to calorie count or keep track on my own.

I've found a few other apps I thought I would mention but Lose It! has been my favorite and I use it every single day!

Diet Point is another app that gives users recipes and shopping lists for diet and cleanses.  I checked it out after a friend gave it to me and I'm sure some of the cleanses might work for people beginning to lose weight to get started but I'm changing my whole lifestyle to eating right and losing weight so a diet wasn't what I was wanting or needing.  If you do find a diet on there that works for you (they have tons and information about all of them as well as the weight you can expect to lose on the diet to help you find the right one of you) they also have a shopping list to go along with that diet so you know exactly what you need for it.

My Fitness Pal is another app nearly the same as Lose It! that you can check out- I just found Lose It! to be super user friendly and I love the huge selection of food and workouts to chose from but My Fitness Pal is so similar.

Hopefully some of you can check out the Lose It! app and find it to be as useful for yourself as I've found it to be!



  1. Just downloaded Lose It! and Diet Points... Thanks so much!! Oh! and the gym membership starts Monday.. Way to motivate a girl over here!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I found Lose It! for Android in the Google Play Store.

    I need the kick in the (ample) behind.

    Congratulations on meeting your goal of feeling great in your gown!

    Sara K

  3. Diet Points looks like a good app but $44.95 for a year?? Ouch

  4. I have a windows phone, so I can't get Lose It! but i signed up online for it :-)

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