Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lose It!

I had a little inspiration from a Pinterest project I had seen using marbles to track your weight loss so I decided to switch it up a little!  I filled a vase with 45 M&M candies- one M&M for each pound I want to lose so every time I lose a pound I get to eat a little candy until they're all gone!! 

I lost 3 pounds this week so I'll be eating 3 M&Ms! 

I like that this actually allows me to visualize my weight loss and see that I am losing weight, even if I don't always see it physically! Plus, 45 M&Ms definitely doesn't look like a lot in a vase :)!

Motivation: I'm just tired of being fat!

Hey ya'll!! I've been so neglectful here but hopefully that'll be changing!!

My motivation to first lose weight came from wanting to look great in my wedding dress.  I must say, I felt and looked wonderful on our wedding day!  Our photos are beautiful and there is nothing I would change!!

After our wedding passed, I found it hard to stay motivated to work out.  I just couldn't get myself motivated to work out and eat right the way I was for our wedding so I slowly started gaining the weight back.  I was gaining the weight I had worked so hard to lose until it hit me that I'm just tired of being fat. I'm tired of having my stomach roll over my jeans when I sit.  I'm tired of feeling like I look pregnant.  I'm tired of my old, cute clothes not fitting. I'm tired of it!! So my motivation is simply coming from the fact that I'm tired of being fat and it's not going to go away unless I'm doing something about it!!

I really think I'm working out harder now than I was before our wedding!  I love swimming and that was my usual form of exercise leading up to the wedding, but now that it's cold out, I hate jumping into the pool for a workout so I've been doing lots of elliptical running, stationary biking, and stair stepping!

I actually instagram my workouts [you can follow me on instagram at: amanda_cervantez] just to keep track for myself and to also motivate others so here's some of what I've been doing:

I started working out consistently 4 weeks ago by running on the elliptical 5 miles every day.  This takes me anywhere from 45-55 minutes.

On the second week of working out, I added to the 5 miles by doing an hour yoga, Zumba, or cycling class every night after my 5 miles.  (here I did my 5 miles and then yoga) 

The 3rd week I wanted to add again so I would run 5 miles, do a class every M, W, F but also started biking 10 miles after my 5 mile elliptical run.  Usually I would do my 5 and 10 miles in the morning and then do an hour yoga, Zumba, or cycling class at night.  It takes me about 45 minutes to bike 10 miles. Here's a shot of my 5 miles and 10 mile bike: 

This week I added to my 5 miles and 10 mile biking by doing a 2 mile stair step.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete the stair step.  I also attend a 1 hour yoga, Zumba, or cycling class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. I usually do my running, biking, and stair stepping in the morning to give myself a break before the evening class.  Because of all the energy and calories being burned, I would definitely suggest hours in between this and a class or other workout! 

I started doing this about 4 weeks ago and am down 9 pounds!! I had a goal of 45 pounds to lose so now I'm down to 36 more pounds to go!! 

What are some of your favorite workouts?!