Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Personalized Envelope Liners

This might just be the EASIEST, CUTEST DIY project ever!

Photo envelope liners add the perfect, cutest, personalized touch to any envelope- I did them on our save the date envelopes but you could use them on envelopes for a child's birthday party invitation with a pic of your baby, birth announcement with a newborn photo, graduation party invitation with a pic of the grad.. you can do it for almost anything!

& they're super easy.. if I can do it, so you can you!

What you need:
printer & regular white paper
envelopes (obviously)

1:  Decide on the picture you want to use and insert it onto a word document so it can be printed on regular paper.  Make sure you enlarge your photo in the document so it will cover the inside of the envelope.  Also, make sure the photo subject will be centered or shown on the inside of the envelope.  I've found horizontal photos usually work the best.  After you have the photo enlarged on the word document, just print it out onto regular, white computer paper.
Photo enlarged on a word document

2.  Trace the envelope onto the photo. Usually, the photo will not be as long as the envelope, just make sure the photo is long enough to be 'tucked in' a little to the envelope so there is no blank space showing where your liner should be.

3.  Cut along the traced lines from the envelope 
Notice I cut off more than I actually traced- there needs to be room so the liner isn't covering the glue strip on the envelope.  I also just like my liners shorter so I don't have to glue as much of the liner down.  You may need to trim the sides also so it fits inside the envelope.
4. Glue liner to envelope 
I used Scotch (made in USA!) Scrapbooker's glue- I know it's a strong adhesive so the liner won't come unglued. I covered the entire back of the liner with the glue and simply placed inside the envelope and that's all! Make sure you leave the envelope sealer strip (whatever it's called! -that strip you have to lick to seal it!) exposed and not covered with the liner!

5. All Done! See, I told you that was the easiest DIY project ever! 

Here's some tips:
*Instead of printing out however many copies from your own printer if you have a lot of liners to make- print 1 liner on computer paper that works & go make copies at a local store or library.  It saved me time and ink!
*When you have your liner cut out after you traced the envelope on it- use that as a template and trace on the other photo copies.  This was a bit easier for me than tracing the evelope everytime. 

Hopefully you find this as easy, cool and useful as I do!

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