Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Transformations

Last week, I posted a photo that I showed my progress pretty well.  In 11 months I had lost 50 pounds and there was a huge difference, well I came across more photos that show that progression even better that I wanted to share.

I was actually looking through photos just to see if I could notice a difference between old and recent pics.. and I was shocked at the way I used to look a year ago.  I've mentioned before in my posts that I graduated high school around 125-130 pounds and gained almost 100 pounds during college.  I didn't want to admit how out of control my weight gain was.

I was looking for a difference in photos because lately, I've just hit a wall.  I work out hours everyday, eat healthy, and feel like I'm not making progress.  Well this is why I encourage you all to take photos along the way of your weight loss journey.  Seeing the progression- seeing your hard work paying off- seeing you're losing weight when you may not feel it is so motivating and inspiring.   I may feel like I haven't lost any weight but it's clear I have and I'm happy to see that progression. I was looking for more photos to compare but at my heaviest weight there are just not that many photos I wanted to be in so I only have a few to compare with.

My mom's expression when seeing this collage?  'WOW, I never realized you got so huge' THANKS MOM! ;) But it's true- looking back I just can't believe I let myself get that way but now know I won't let it happen again.

The photo on the left was taken Oct. 2011.  The photo on the right was taken Sept. 2012
I always post photos on Instagram of my workouts, meals, progress, and cute dog ;) feel free to follow me at:

Also, if you'd like to share your healthy meals, workouts, progression photos just hashtag: acgetfit (#acgetfit)
I think it'll be a fun way to share all of our awesome inspiration and tips! 



  1. Hey,

    So you said you "hit a wall" sometimes that comes because you need to detox. When your body is getting rid of so much excess it can do a number on your digestive tract and digestive organs. I've found that when I hit that wall I do an Arbonne 7 day body cleanse and it's a great way to kick start some more weight loss.. you can find it here:

    I am a consultant so if you have any question feel free to ask!

  2. Hello! I just have to say that you are a huge inspiration for me. I started my workout for real last weekend and this just gonna keep me going. I have read so many of your post. Some dated back to 2012. It's amazing how much you have achieved. My goal is to be a healthy mum for my daughter. I dont want to loose weight, but I want to achieve to go to different things and not be tired after 5 minutes. And I want to gain muscles and be stronger than I am now. So thank you so much for this blogposts. It is really a huge inspiration and motivation for me and I am sure that it is also that for many other people. Thank you!
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Huggs from Norway

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