Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eat Yourself Skinny!

I work out A LOT but the biggest thing I've done to get healthy and lose weight is completely change my eating habits.  and I mean COMPLETELY change.  Before I would eat nothing for breakfast, grab McDonalds for lunch, and throw a pizza in the oven for dinner. horrible.   But I've since cut out nearly all pop, coffee, and fattening foods.  Of course every once in a while I'll go out to eat with family and friends but the majority of the time now I enjoy cooking healthy meals at home.  I never thought I would 1. Like healthy foods or 2. Enjoy cooking but I really do!  I thought I would share a few of my new EASY favorite recipes!

Flatbreads.  I've just recently tried flatbreads for the first time and I'm in love! I buy the low cal/low carb flatbread and have been making a ton of flatbread recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner!
A lot of times, I'll throw a bunch of healthy stuff all together on a flatbread and enjoy it :)
This flatbread has a little cheese, turkey bacon, grilled chicken, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach! I didn't follow any certain recipe, just threw on a bunch of healthy stuff! 

Before, I used to only eat salads drenched in dressing which kinda defeats the whole healthy aspect of a salad ;)  Last week I threw some lettuce, organic grilled chicken, blackberries, and apples together and it was so delicious!  No dressing or croutons!  The crunch and sweetness of the apples was perfect with the lettuce and chicken and the blackberries added the perfect amount of juiciness! 

I've also been substituting potatoes for cauliflower!  I like cauliflower to begin with so this was an easy substitution! Instead of a baked potato I boiled cauliflower, mashed it a little and added some turkey bacon, a little cheese and greek yogurt like a loaded baked potato! 

One thing I've done to eat healthy is substitute a lot of food.  

Now, instead of using sour cream, I'll use Greek Yogurt.  

I eat turkey bacon and meat and bison meat instead of beef and regular bacon.  The turkey and bison meat is a lot more lean than beef.  

I make mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes! 

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  1. This is a great post ! I am a trainer and coach, following your blog and your journey. I have actually used your goals and reward chart with clients and shared your story - It has helped !. Hey - I am looking for more motivated individuals passionate about fitness and helping others to join my team and earn income from home. If you are interested in learning more let me know I will email you details !

  2. Hi! I follow you on Pinterest so I just came across your blog. Congrats on your transformation! If you like substituting cauliflower for things, you should try this recipe It's not my recipe but I just tried it the other day and its delicious! I've used it as pizza sauce and on pasta. Anyway, congrats again! And keep it up :)
    - Ash

  3. You can also put cauliflower through a ricer (should be able to get one at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond) and it will be like rice if you want to get out of eating rice.