Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Instant Instagrams

I always take pictures with my phone- I rarely have any other camera on me since it's so easy to snap a pic with my phone! & I love, love using Instagram!  It's easy to snap a pic, use a cute effect, and upload it instantly to Facebook or Twitter.  However, I've always hated that I've never really had a way to print the photos- and let me just say I've snapped some pretty cute ones of my puppy that should be printed asap!

Wellll, I recently came across an iPhone app called PostalPix.  It's a free app you can find in the app store that prints your phone photos for you.  (I have an iPhone so I'm not sure if it's available for androids or other phones.)  All you do is literally upload your Instagram or iPhone photos from your phone to PostalPix, they print them, and then mail them to you.  It's that freaking easy!

The quality pretty much matched the quality of the photo on your phone.  I had some 'fuzzy' pictures that I still wanted and they still turned out a little fuzzy.  I also had some pretty clear photos with Instagram effects and they printed just how they looked on my phone!! If the pic had a border on it, it printed with the border, also.

Here are examples of how some of the printed photos look: 

PostalPix also offers different size prints- they have 4x4, 5x5, & 8x8 square photos which are PERFECT for photos done on Instagram and regular sizes like 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10.

I paid just a little over $4 for 12 4x4 photos- that includes the shipping.  The shipping was also pretty quick- I ordered them on a Thursday night and received them on the following Tuesday!

I'm soo soo excited I found this app- now all the important photos don't get lost to just Facebook or deleted on my phone!  However, I will be searching Pinterest for ways to actually use these photos now rather than just framing them.  I was thinking of turning some of them into drink coasters as gifts!

I hope you use & love PostalPix as much as I do!


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