Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY STDs (If you're a bride you know that means Save The Dates!)

I'm the stereotypical girl that has dreamed about her wedding since before I was born, but now that I'm engaged and getting married in a little over 6 months I've been scouring ways to save money as our wedding is approaching the $20,000 price tag.

I love save the dates- I think they're cute, fun, and a nice heads up for people who don't follow you on facebook gushing about your upcoming wedding in every post.  But, I also think they're an unnecessary cost.  (An unnecessary cost that I wasn't willing to cut!) so I created my own cute, personalized to the max, save the date that only cost around $55 for 150.  (that $55 covers magnet save the dates, and personalized envelopes!) 

Homemade Save The Date:
I've searched all over the internet for cute, magnetic save the dates that wouldn't break the bank, but most I've found cost anywhere from $2-$3 and that times 150 would have equaled nearly $400 which I couldn't justify spending on a save the date, so I decided to make and print my own!  I have photoshop, but to make it accessible for everyone I decided to use  Now, picnik is closing in April so use it soon, if you're planning to!
First: I used the 'collage' tool and uploaded one photo to the collage and left the other side blank.  The blank side is where the text will go for the details on the save the date.
Next: Remember if you're going to have your save the date printed it will need to be cropped to fit the standard printing measurements so do not fill the entire blank side with text as it will cut off. Also, expect some of your picture to be cut off.  The pink lines are where my photo was cropped so it would be a 4x6.  I edited the photo to black and white using the basic editing tools.
Then: I added my own text and wording as well as a few 'stickers' that were faded to 88% so they were only slightly visible. My final product, cropped and designed is this: 
I then had my photo submitted to Walgreens for prints.  I ordered 150 prints for only .10 a piece so it only cost $15!! I also liked the quality of the photo, as well.  It was clear and not grainy at all.  It really looked professional!  Walgreens also supplied me with 150 envelopes to fit the prints so the envelopes were free! 

Since I wanted to do magnet save the dates and these are just basic photo prints I ordered 4x6 adhesive magnets where the sheet peels off and you stick your photo on! I found some at for $1 for a pack of 4.  There was also a free shipping code when I ordered mine. I just stuck the prints on and wa-la! A cheap, magnet save the date is made!! 

Next: cute, cheap, personalized envelope liner! 

Stay tuned for photos on how to create personalized envelope liners! 


  1. Love this idea! thank you for sharing... The personalized liners super cute.

  2. Thanks, Kristi! I'll be posting later this week how to make the liners.. super easy and fun!

  3. Hi, Amanda! Thank you for sharing your life bits and pieces with us!

    Can you post more information about the liners, please?

    Thank you!

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